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Ah, I figured it out. When I started that area, some of the times I went in, there's be a bunch of guys just inside the door that I'd have to kill and sometimes there wasn't. It looks like the game can miss triggers at time. apparently there's a wave of guys that spawns as you're approaching the door that didn't get triggered last time I played the level, it's about 15 footsoldiers and 6 of those blue and yellow floaty balls that shoot the blue beam at you.

I got past the area by simply replaying that part of the game again. I went to my single player game and hit 'continue playing' and it loaded me up right at the door that leads into that area. So I fought through, and this time that last wave spawned. So there's you're answer DevilGirl, just load up a save before you get to that area and fight through it again. It sucks, but that's the only way to get past apparently.
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