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Originally Posted by LordAngus View Post
Um... yeah... you know... that's actually rather concerning... I hope that the "bunch of new tech and optimizations" makes a big difference and there is a massive improvement from the SamVR footage between now and when SS4 is released because Talos and SamVR not very impressive by current standards.
Even though everyone says that graphics don't make for better game play, I definitely agree with you that better graphics certainly improve the overall experience. However, I think The Talos Principle was a pretty beautiful game both inside and out. SS3 also impressed me at the time that it was released even though I didn't like the overall art direction relative to SSHD, and I still think that it holds up today.

It's clear to me that it pretty much comes down to presentation rather than ultra realistic textures or substantially higher polygon counts. TSE HD is still probably the most beautiful game that I have ever played and there's nothing like walking through that valley at the very start of the game, chainsawing through Gnaars and trees. If they can translate that art style to the newer Serious engine, then I will be really happy.

Photorealism is impressive but I'm not quite sure that it would add much to future games. The view outside my window isn't that great so I'm not sure that I'd want SS4 to look like real life. I'd definitely be happier if I could stroll through something as picturesque as TSE HD however.
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