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Default Re: How would you design the game?

While I agree that more effort could be put into world-building, I disagree that Sam should be special.

I'm actually sort of glad they retconned him to be a (somewhat?) regular joe in SS3 because he earned the right to wear his favorite outfit into combat situations by having proven that kevlar makes no difference for him instead of being a super soldier or a chosen one or having descended from some kind of special ancestry. He's a guy who made a big mistake and has more than redeemed himself but people still underestimate him and think he was just lucky (thus not being a part of Charlie Team) and when he finally goes to Sirius and kill Mental, no one will know of the sacrifices he did. But he still does it anyway because that's what heroes do.

And yes, I agree that Rodriguez should've stayed alive longer. One of my favorite things about SS3 is how it all looks just like a standard military operation (the twist is that they're against Mental, which is why it's cool), but the only place to talk about Sam's past is for Rodriguez to make witty comments to Sam or else it'll just be out of place. Also, I think killing off Hellfire in Last Man on Earth is a good choice. Sam always puts mission first because he knows that redeeming himself by killing Mental is worth it for all the lives he couldn't save.
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