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Default Re: Message for Croteam: The ideal Multiplayer for Serious Sam 4

Originally Posted by gedamial
Originally Posted by Solais
I thought there was no reloading in SS3 Versus.
There is, and that's sad.
... Have you even played SS3 Versus? Because if you have, you should know that the only weapon that reloads in Versus is the Devastator; The other normally-reloadable weapons (Pistol, Single Shotgun, and Assault Rifle) can all fire continuously without reloading. Just as well, earlier, you were talking about the Sledgehammer and how there was a delay before attacking... which is only used in Single Player and Co-op. Versus has the hammer always at the ready, and it'll hit almost instantaniously when you swing.

Originally Posted by Solais
Not being able to move spawn points of flag entities? What?

Can you explain this? Sounds like a bug.
He probably means mid-simulation. Trying to move those entities by parenting them to an object or "SetPlacement"ing them directly through scripting doesn't work. (I can confirm for the flags; Haven't tried with the Spawn Markers)
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