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Default Re: Message for Croteam: The ideal Multiplayer for Serious Sam 4

Adding timers does not make things less competitive. It makes things more clear. There's ALSO a different sort of strategy that comes up with it... if someone gets a powerup and nobody is around to see it taken, they have no idea when it will respawn again, or when it was taken. This gives MORE power to the people who took the powerup, and leads to a "camp the powerup room" scenario.

When you see respawn timers for powerups, you can determine when they were taken, and when you need to return. You suddenly don't have to camp a powerup that won't respawn for 2 minutes. You can go around different parts of the map. You can also see, whoever took this powerup took it super recently, I should be careful.

It takes away a lot of extra strategical power that the person w/ the powerup got. They already got the powerup... they don't need everything else that comes with that.
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