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Default Re: Where did civilization go?

The Serious Sam universe isn't built on the multiverse theory of time travel where there are infinite universes, but there is one timeline. In Sam's "current" time humanity was about to be wiped out when the Time Lock was discovered and activated. The plan was for Sam to assassinate Mental thousands of years before it became aware of humanity, but Mental did somehow realize Sam was coming in the past and started wiping out Earth then. So at the end of The Second Encounter, in Sam's real time period humanity had ceased to exist because the past was altered, but maybe Sam didn't "stop existing" because he's already in the past and somehow an oddity. A glitch in the Matrix. So if Sam is able to assassinate Mental in the past he may stop humanity from dying in his time, but he has effectively already killed humanity thousands of years before, making the point moot.

I'm curious how Croteam are going to write themselves out of that one.
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