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Default Re: SS2 "lore" and the reboot

Similarily to the OP, I too in no way consider SS2 canon. It always was just a trippy dream for Sam while on the space ship. A creation of his tired brain while having the first real sleep in days (Sam doesn' even look anything like himself).

Hearing about the remake and what the plan for it is (having the feel and look of the original Serious Sams), I just had to register here and post my thoughts as a long time fan.

Some people might say that storyline is unimportant in a game like Serious Sam, but even though it's modest in SS games, I really like what's in there.

IMHO, SS3 captured the required atmosphere quite perfectly. The world is ending and you are making a last desperate attempt of saving it. This is no colorful happy time, but everybody has already accepted that you have lost and if this does't work out, it's bye-bye time for humanity. Yet Sam Serious Stone manages to make fun of Mental even in these dire times, that's how badass he is.

Regarding SS2, I disliked the game's storyline after the intro and because of it, the entire game. The design direction and obvious catering to consoles didn't help at all. I slogged through it once to be able to say I completed all the games and never came back to it ever. Tried once and got quickly tired of it (meanwhile, I replay other SS games on regular basis).

The only good thing I can think of is that we visited the planet Kleer, seeing Mental's work first-hand.

All I'd like to see are original versions of the enemies (the SS2 version of kamikaze and werebull made me sad ).
Do whatever you want, but make the storyline matter at least a little bit. I like to have a good reason for having to do the things I do in the games I play

We really need a worthy sequel to second encounter. Not make a joke out of SS, but truly continue his story.
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