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Originally Posted by Benjadood
UK/EUR Sites stocking SS:NE - Both Vers: 14.99 + P&P - PS2: 15.99, GCN: 32.99* (no charge for P&P)
Gameplay - Both Vers: 17.99 (no charge for P&P)
GAME Online - Both Vers: 19.99 + P&P
GameStation - Both Vers: 19.99 + P&P

So far the best bet seems to be for the GameCube version and for the PS2 version.

*I suspect this is a pricing error on the part of and it will probably be corrected by Friday.
No sorry the best was when I walked into EB World 4/20/04 and walked out with it and then went home and started playing online with my PSX2.

BTW Whats a gamecube is that something I might store my games in.
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