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I have found all secrets in this mod ...

- The first secret is in the first yard. If you do Sacred Yards, you start on the right of it (the secret). It's actually covered with dozens of bushes and a palm tree. If you are near, you'll see a switch. Press it, and look at the Sacred Yards part... The Pyramid Explodes, and turns again into a Crate Pyramid. hehehe
- The second secret is during the Sacred Lake part. In the get all 4 keys part, there are some keys that are fake. This is mostly figuring things out. In one of the shrines, one key (it's fake) will spawn a bunch of Croteam Heads.
- The third secret is on the same area (The Sacred Lake part), but tricky because it is a switch, it is hard to find since it's small, and it's underwater (it's in the walls, and look for a bunch of "Eye of Ra" textures there). This requires patience to figure where the switch is. Once you've found it, press it. After you have collected all 4 true keys, you notice a +100 health on a top of a block (that was raised down because of the switch).
- The fourth secret is during the part you are near the Karnak Temple Complex area. One of the statues there MUST be destroyed to get this secret. Once destroyed, a jump pad appear. Jump on it, and you get the Secret Nostalgia Yard (you got back to the same area from before). Just be ready, Lava Golems spawn near you, and a Highlander from the playable map behind you.

I cannot explain a bit further because I haven't played Serious Sam that much now due to the fact this mod is now ceased (well, I just hope it revives in Serious Sam 4, but I have no doubts or expectations if it will be back -- but probably not).
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