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Default Re: Serious Engine v1.10 Open-sourced

DirectX support is disabled by default. If you need DirectX support you'll have to download DirectX8 SDK (headers & libraries) ( or ) and then enable the SE1_D3D switch for all projects in the solution (Project properties -> Configuration properties -> C/C++ -> Preprocessor -> Preprocessor definitions -> Add "SE1_D3D" for both Debug and Release builds). You will also need to make sure the DirectX8 headers and libraries are located in the following folders (make the folder structure if it's not existing yet):

Is what the readme says, but I can't figure out how exactly to do that. I think I placed the dx8 libs in the right places, and the SE1_D3D switch, but now the build fails with many errors...

This is how I placed the dx8 files, and here's my build log:

Can I get some help with this? I can't figure it out
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