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Default Re: Would you be interested in a map review YouTube series?

sometimes I have trouble making out some words
That's a combination of my accent, my inability to pronounce the letter 'r' and my crappy mic. Hopefully, it'll get better with practice.

My only complaint is you're using 360p? Really?
I'm trying to conserve space and 360p is usually perfectly fine for me. Although I do listen to a lot of music, recorded with a potato, so I might have developed a bias.

while still being respectful towards the author. That's a fine line to walk and you did it properly.
Oh thank god. I was worried I was a bit too harsh at some points. Especially when I commented on the grammar. Good to hear, I didn't cross the line.

The part at 4:40 sounds like an enemy template too close to the surface.
That's what I was thinking too. It's just so weird someone would leave that in.

You said you haven't figured out how Mordekai's summons die on his death. That's done by the Sum. Control Area property. Put an AreaMarker in your map and link that property to it, then when Mordekai dies all enemies in the AreaMarker's area will die.
Ohhhhh, so that's what the AreaMarker is for!

Very well done, you should be proud. I will await more content from you and you should make a review thread for your series.
How do I do that though? There used to be a review section, but I guess it didn't gain much momentum, so it got deleted.
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