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Right, I'm going to Translate Stuff I Found on the Internet while Looking for D-6.gro.

= SLAwww =
I suddenly came across this topic and suddenly remembered that such a mod really exists. However absurd it may sound, but apparently, comrade shaman wrote his composition, based on the experience of passing a very real fashion. You can not believe me, but I almost remember the author of this creation. "Almost" means that I, unfortunately, forgot his nickname (it would seem that either "B" or "B" started). But I can say with full confidence that there was such a person once on the forum of Sam-o-Mania, and, was there a very long time, even before my arrival. I remember once I climbed in old posts (in search of some slavan_tazan creativity, I was always fascinated by the unusual style of its architecture) and discovered, among other things, the work of this man. They seemed to me rather strange, as, actually, and his behavior. One gets the impression that this man suffered from some serious mental illness. I very rarely can seriously say this about anyone, but in this case I'm absolutely sure. He was quite talkative, but at the same time constantly angry at something or someone. If no one touched him, he was angry and nervous just like that, from scratch, which is very strange. I do not remember any of his posts, in which he would not swear, and he cursed somehow unusual. Then I did not take it with due attention, but now, remembering about his mod, I'm beginning to understand that something was wrong with this man. When he was angry, he liked to talk about causing pain in some form. This we can scream in a hurry to call someone shit, moron, rat or similar bad words, he preferred the turns like "drown in your own shit," "open my neck," and the like. In a word, a very unpleasant impression left from reading his messages, and unpleasant things, unfortunately, are so well remembered. What should also be noted - this man often cursed as if on himself. When there was no one to merge his anger, he seemed to find such an outlet. I do not know how you are, but I do not fit in my head at all, how could he say such things to himself. What for? In a word, you understand. His cards also corresponded to his character - almost all Sam was subjected to some kind of torture, and, as a rule, these were not banal spikes, but something sophisticated. It will sound like I'm trying to scare you (maybe I really should not scare you, for that matter =)), but here's an example: in one of his levels he made a moment when Sam teleports to the room where he is here The same slows the PlayerActionMarker with Wait forever, and the other PAM hides the weapon. The walls of the room MirrorMarker'om directed to another room, that is, the effect is the same as when using a conventional camera, but the screen remains a sight, health indicators and armor. And in the room, which shows MirrorMarker, we see how Sam breaks in half. Nothing special in fact, Sam's model is attached to the table, which folds, and Sam with a loud crunch and screams breaks his spine. At the same time, the health on the screen goes down with every crunch and cry, that is, we seem to be watching from the outside. Such a terrible fear, as in the story of freeknik, I, of course, did not feel: well, what's terrible? Usual Semovskaya graphics, a couple of non-standard sounds, that's all. But I was wondering why the player is deprived of health. After all, if you do not know when a player is standing on a WaitForever marker, it's almost impossible to kill him. Then I opened the level and was amazed: there was a chain of triggers that in turn targeted PlayerActionMarkers with Wait forever and Release player. That is, the player was released for a split second every time he was to get Damager damage. Triggers in the chain were about a hundred, not less, and each Wait time was specified to within a third decimal place! I do not know about you, but I was terrified at the thought of how this type set out the meanings for each scream of the excruciating Sam. Apparently, it was necessary to test this price with a fracture of the ridge several dozen times to adjust everything.
Anyway, about this man for a long time nothing is known. As far as I remember, he was not banned, just at the time of my appearance he was no longer on the forum. Perhaps this is for the best. But now reading the story of freeknik'a caused me an interest in the long-forgotten mapper. I can not find his message on the Sam-of-Mania forum, maybe if you take it, you'll be luckier. The other day I realized that on my old computer, which is now in the house of my relatives, some of this man's work was to be preserved. Yesterday I deliberately decided to go there, and regretfully discovered that my relatives had long since replaced the second hard drive on which Sam had been installed with all the mods and custom cards. However, the first one remained, and I found in the folder "My Documents" - what would you think - the installer of the ill-fated fashion d-6!
This is - indeed a rare specimen, you hardly find it anywhere now.

Especially in view of the fact that its creator was exactly a mapper, and was engaged, basically, by single cards, and not by mods. This was his first attempt to make a mod, he posted it only on the forum, but not in the file archive of the site. So, here it is: http: // have one request to you. I do not care if you do not believe me. Actually, it will be even better for you if you count all the delusions I wrote with delusions. But for God's sake, if you do not think the truth about what I wrote here, do not rock the mod, do not install it. There's something wrong with this mod. And I'm not talking about bugs and not about the "govnomapperah" mentioned in the story of freeknik'a. It's just that something is wrong with this mod, and I want to protect myself from angry remarks from people who download it and, not believing me, will come across what I was saying, being completely unprepared for it. If you are confident in yourself - download. I can say for sure that no evil force can get out of the monitor, he tested it himself. ) Just need to be prepared for the unforeseen and stock up valerian. By the way, the mod is called "Dysthymia". The creator called all his works exactly the same, with the same name. I do not understand what the point is. With the same success it would be possible to choose a name like "Lung Cancer" or "Gangrene", but on the other hand, this again confirms my conjectures that the mapper was sick. Dysthymia is such a mental illness. Not the worst, but lasting. Yes, something else. Personally, I immediately after starting the mod for a while on the screen there is nothing, just an empty green screen, but then the menu appears. I do not know what needed to be done to get the mod of waiting for the mod to be so jammed, but in the rest of the mod works very steadily. ___________________________________- End of message -____________________________________

UPDATED (after a day and 11 hours) People, listen, I did a little research and, Seems to have found a solution to your problem. Then one person, whose mod flies after the hieroglyphs, gave his PersistentSymbols.ini, and it all worked! Apparently, I have long stood some damn settings, which normally goes this freak. In general, who needs it, I post my PersistentSymbols.ini in the attachment. Put it in the Scripts folder, before this, save a copy of your own. And if you want to change the resolution, change it manually by editing the PersistentSymbols file, because, as it turned out, otherwise the mod flies. And one more thing. As it turned out, the mod does not transfer the running task manager. I noticed that if you start the task manager, and then try to start the mod, it flies out immediately. I do not know, it was by chance done or specially, it seems, it does not react to other programs of the mod.
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