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Originally Posted by Solais View Post
Oh come on, it's a perfect thing for a meme.
Oh fine Solais-Senpai. I'll call them Hexahedrons. B-baka, I didn't even want to call them cubes anyway.

But seriously, I guess tomorrow I'll have at least some part of a Star guide up. I think I'll split that part from the puzzle guide. Also I should look into Guide formatting stuff, maybe I can add spoiler tags in it? Hmm...

Edit: Ok, seems I have the World A Stars covered! (See first post for link).

Tomorrow I'll do World B and maybe World C and everything else too.

Up next is the Achievement guide, I guess I might publish part of it soon, if not, tomorrow it is.

Edit: Well, got my first comment on the Puzzle guide, and it's someone asking about the Achievement guide.

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