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Default Re: Serious Sammy is here! (AP_3216 is now live)

Originally Posted by Scratch View Post
I wouldn't say it's unplayable, we're having a developer killing party every night that we do an update and it's been going well. But there's still some Steam networking overheads that need to be tweaked (we already did a lot of that in a few patches ago which improved stability a lot), I'll see if we can improve on that.

Also, unlisted in the changelog, we did do some behind the scenes improvements that are likely to improve network stability as well.
Thank you for working on this. I hope I don't sound like I'm beating you down with this. I'm just frustrated at what happened at our event recently. I'd like to do more Rev events but some things just have to be fixed for it to be enjoyable for everyone. I hope you understand.
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