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Default Re: NOT SERIOUS SAM 4 - Immortal Redneck

Looks like level design is dead.

With these rogue-like games, it seems people are misunderstanding that retro FPS is about the shooting experience. I mean, yes, old FPS are all about the shooting experience, but how they achieve it is different from these roguelikes. The objective is these types of game only seems to be killing and surviving as far as you can, whereas old FPS (at least the late 90s ones; the ones before are basically roguelikes without procedural levels) are about an objective or goals set throughout the game. There's high points and low points and stuff like that, which is just impossible without being handcrafted. Even if the story is barebones, it's still an experience as opposed to a time-waster.

Also, the 'immortal redneck in Egypt' theme of the game seems like those quirky weird lolrandomz "Egypt and guns? Didn't see that coming, huh!" kind of stuff like Boredomlands, Earthbound, and Undertale (and also SS2, to an extent). Yes, SS is also weird, but that's because it's a genuinely weird, one-of-a-kind shit that you can't just make up instead of an attempt at being weird. It's the difference between Hall of Fame threads and threads that try to get into Hall of Fame.

Game looks cool though, maybe I'll buy it if it gets 75% off.
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