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Default Re: Message for Croteam: The ideal Multiplayer for Serious Sam 4

Yeah, I was wondering if there was a patch that added in reloading in SS3 versus. Haven't played it in years, but I remember testing it in beta, including the levels later added when the DLC was released, and I clearly remembered there being no reload. Only with the devastator, for balance reasons.

And yeah, the Serious Damage is not exactly the problem. From what I see, with the data I gathered, the main problem in SS versus, both SS3 and SSHD, is that the weapons are too strong. So if it was me, I'd probably change that first. Second, I'd remove the pistol and would add the AR as the starting weapon. Third, I'd differentiate the two shotguns, but I'd do that in SP as well.

Hmm, moving flags... that's an interesting idea!
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