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Default Re: Serious Sam Origins

Originally Posted by Zdzichu View Post
I mean if someone is working on origins?
I read that the mod will be released at the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014
Yeah, at that time last year they thought all they need to do is port all the content to TSE. Turns out it's much more complicated than that. And then all of a sudden Roman told them "Hey guys, I found more leftovers on my not-porn-CDs! You HAVE to put this in the game. It's a freaking Catman on a Horse, what's not to like?" and then SLAwww's OCD got the better of him and he went all Nikola Tesla. Also, he's probably thinking up new ways of torturing the player the whole time. So yeah, they're still working on it, and the game grows more sadistic by the second.

I, God, still support it though, for it will be the Game of Games, the Ark will bring Serious Saminites into the World of The Forgotten. We will finally see how CT would have used all the unused engine abilities.

Serious Sam Origins, I bless you to be the holiest of all shooters.

It's just scrapped ideas compiled into a game in the end though, so don't get your hopes up too high. And even then, Serious Sam is nothing more than a feature-length tech demo game meant to make people go "Holy shit, Serious Engine can do that?! Let's license this now!" which sort of failed because The First Encounter, being set in Egypt, did not show the more advanced features because it wasn't planned that way.

They did show up as secrets, The Second Encounter, and prominently in Next Encounter too, but no one gave a damn by that time. The First Encounter failed to take the world by storm, in my opinion, although it did a great job wowing people at the time with the things it can already do and show. Which is impressive, in its own way, seeing as how CT is still funded to this day and have a loyal fanbase supporting them as we're speaking. However, I didn't know PC gaming existed when Serious Sam was at its peak, so I don't really know how things went down back then. You should ask the older, veteran members from 2001.

(Not to mention it is worked on by SLAwww, the legendary vicious dragon that eats those who dare to play his works)
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