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Default Re: Tommygun easter egg in The Last Hope

Originally Posted by Discy View Post
And forget what Solais said: All the other dates are releases of the main games of the franchise, and the VR games aren't part of the main series.

That said, if Serious Sam 4 will be revealed this December I don't expect any big game revelations, just the official announcement and a logo or screenshot. Maybe a small teaser if we're really lucky.
You're confusing matters. All of the other dates shown on the tommygun are release dates. So it would be safe to assume that we can expect a SS title (SS4 or something else) will be released in December, not announced.

I will remain reluctant about it truly being SS4, but you just never know. Nothing was really shown about The Talos Principle until a few months before release. However, since we know absolutely nothing about the development of SS4 thus far, it's really hard to ascertain whether or not a 2017 release date is feasible or not. I mean, they could be pretty far along in the groundwork. The last 3-5 months will be focused on polishing existing assets and it will be during this period that screenshots/videos will actually be revealed.

Again, I would expect a game release, not an announcement, in December. I just hope they release it early enough in the month that they can take advantage of Christmas shopping sprees
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