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Default Re: Ion Maiden by 3D Realms

Originally Posted by Dave3d View Post
Just, wow.
That is terrible.
With a system like that, you should not be having any issues with a game that old. Unless, like I said before, they are just making huge HD files tacked onto the engine, then it will run poorly.But, it is using only 1 core with that engine also, not multiple cores. And I wonder if they bought Nglide support or not?
But, it should not run THAT poorly.

Can I ask if you are on windows 10 or not?
I am betting that you are.
Win10 does not support those old dos games, and IIRC Nvidia removed support for some old versions of OpenGL.
I wonder if that is the issue?

Also, lol on the 'Ion' joke, heh.
i have a nvidia gtx 780, 8gb ddr2 corsair ram, intel core extreme qx9775 clocked to 3.6ghz (never had problems with it its a nice quad core) and still Eduke 32 with the HRP lags asf, and Ion Maiden has the same lag issues, I tried all possible rendering and other options and it didn't fix the lag. I use windows 7 ultimate
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