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Default Re: Ion Maiden by 3D Realms

Originally Posted by Dave3d View Post
Hey Kaz.
Yeah, your system is old though, even with the 780.
His is a much newer cpu and a 1080ti, and it lags. Thats bad.
So, 2 people say its laggy, then it must be.
Suxorz, but not unexpected with that old an engine.
I am just terribly surprised they are trying to sell a game in 2017 with an engine from 1994(?).
Thats just bad all around.
Shoot, whatsisname was going to remake a free Blood game, but couldnt get the rights. I LOVE oldschool fps games, and dont know if I would pay for a stuttery 1994 engine, yes I know eduke is newer doesnt matter, in todays glorious pixel age gaming, but I still wouldnt mind trying it out.
I hope the have a demo.

Sorry, hurting and on tablet, mispells everywhere.
Yeah but I can run UE4 games and Quake Champions on MAX settings, I shouldn't have problems running a game using a 20+ year old engine unless it's optimized like crap (which it is) XD
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