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Default Re: The Great Pyramid vs The Grand Cathedral vs Mental Institution

Good statements i agree with the most stuff written here: Serious Sam 1 end-level with urg-zahn is something of its own and absolut awesome, especially playing it for the first time ...WOW hes big i loved it

Grand Cathedral was also very cool ..there is really a HUGE amount of enemies, it was hardcore when they also came from the back and entering the Big empty place with the fortress with Giant Lava-Golem plus additional 2 Big Reptiloids were 1 of them was its own Boss in Serious Sam 1 (FE) it just doesnt want to stop ..BIGGER, LONGER, MORE ENEMIES and the very long fight at the fortress with Meteroids falling down was a challenge, as said it just doesnt want to stop. The final boss then: Mordekai was a bit dissapointing.. he was too easy and i want to fight the boss and not the same Enemies again.
But the best was the whole "pre-play" before you come to the Big cathedral ! You start in a snow level, with some of the cooles Serious Sam 1 music ever, its snowing and then you go in a cave full of lava ! What a Theme-change ! and just awesome for the first time.. and then you enter a very mysterious cool looking teleporter and find yourself on a Giant, slippery Ice-Field (just the ice-castle was missing and it would be like a dream) but the stone-fortress in the middle also looked AWESOME !

Serious Sam 2.. i dont want to give a comment to it ..i cant.. Just one: Too much Bombs !!!
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