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Default Re: The Great Pyramid vs The Grand Cathedral vs Mental Institution

Originally Posted by F1NLAND-Warrior View Post
Well, music is an important aspect of the gameplay too. I can't imagine you playing RPG games with heavy metal on the background... The music is meant to make you feel you're inside the game, to inspire you, and to make the athmosphere (sp?) better.
That depends. I probably could imagine some RPGs with Heavy Metal or at least Rock. In fact, I hate these synthie & strings music like in Oblivion, Morrowind or whatever. I just can't hear it, as it doesn't has any variations.

Just synthie pads and electronic strings. A product of missing imagination of the composer.

Originally Posted by F1NLAND-Warrior View Post
For example, both Mental Institution's and Grand Cathedral's music is very, very athmospheric. If you replaced those tracks with generic heavy metal, no doubt it would make you feel less inspired.
TGP/TGC are one of the less levels I play with Winamp stopped.

Originally Posted by F1NLAND-Warrior View Post
Depends on the game, of course. For online coop and DM, it's okay to have some music on the background. But I would never, ever play a SP game without listening to the game's music as well.
That depends on your point of view. If the athmosphere is perfect, I also play games with their original music.

For example, Gothic 1 has had great atmosphere (still today) and the music just kicks ass, though it was produced by some low-variated computer music tracker. But the music just makes you feel lonely and... great!
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