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Default Re: Let's Play! Request A Partner

Originally Posted by Dave3d View Post
Warhammer End Times Vermintide

Whenever, after 1pm GMT Mountain

I have Canyon (though I think its the worst in the series, but the best looking, and I totally suck at Canyon, because they made the cars not turn well) (actually, I have all Trackmania's).
I have only played the SP (offline) version of any of the Trackmania's.
How do you play with someone else? Is the other player a ghost car? Are there certain tracks for just coop play?
I would be interested if it isnt just ghost cars.
Canyon is the best, imo The thing about Canyon is that you're supposed to drift in order to make good turns! Fullspeed is of course faster (not always though) but not always possible.

Multiplayer is played on dedicated servers (yay), you can add each other as friends on Maniaplanet (buddy list if you move your mouse to the top of the screen) and you can join each other and chat with each other etc. It's either Time Attack or Rounds (or some other gamemode, there's a few) which are all no-contact races, and you have to get the best time. (On most gamemodes anyway, on "Chase" you have to actually play with your team and coordinate checkpoint times, super intense and fun on Teamspeak.)

There's a few maps that are just fun to drive a few times ("Short LOL" etc.) and there's maps that are competitive ranging from 15 seconds long to 60 seconds. If you want to add me, my Maniaplanet login is 'ansjh'. (And my team is Velox )
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