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Originally Posted by Mischievous View Post
That's because you're getting a table of players. You need to identify a Single player from that table, in order to teleport him.

First GetAllPlayersInRange() in a table, and then extract one player from that table and teleport him.
All you need to do really is add One more line of code after the GetAllPlayersInRange() line and change your variable names a bit and it will work.

You can try to google for "Lua Tables".

That's hint N2. If you two give up, I will give you the code to teleport a player.
Just give me the code.

Only table I know is this one:

And I don't know how to extract players from it.

And I don't have the time or patience to study 100 pages of Lua coding. I tried googling that tutorial but couldn't make any sense out of it.

EDIT: It's alright, he helped me out on Steam. Thanks again.

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