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Default Re: Which SS3 enemy do you hate the most?

What Discy said.

Cave demons are another problem. While they don't do a lot of damage, it's a pain to hunt them down. Moreover, they're almost always located in places where there are a lot of pillars. There's no quick or non-tedious way to take them down either. You either have to wait for them to attack or try to hunt them down, both equally slow.

You know, I think that these enemies would have been actually pretty ok if they were semi-stationary. That means, if they'd stay on the wall and ceiling most of the time and then occasionally take leaps at player, returning to same location after the attack. In fact, I think that could be arranged with different level where they would be in rooms with no pillars.

Khnums are also a bit annoying due to having the same immunities as tecnopolip. It's also not obvious how to dodge their attacks. At least they become bearable once you get your hands on the devastator or cannon.

The main problem with cloned soldiers and shotgunners is hitscan weaponry. At least they're easy to kill.

Scrapjacks are also fun to kill but dodging their attacks is a hit and miss. Sometimes they seem to predict your movement and sometimes not. It's also not clear how many rockets they're going to fire.

The problem with reptiloids is the reduced player maneuverability compared to Serious Sam 1 which often makes this enemy "kill it before it kills you". At least when you're not using rapid-fire weaponry.
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