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Default Re: Which SS3 enemy do you hate the most?

In defense of the Khnum I think they are a well realized enemy and make for an excellent Cyberdemon expy in the Serious Sam verse and one of the few SS3 enemies on my personal wishlist of Serious Sam foes I would like to see "classic-fied" and added to SSR.
(I will confess that as a doom mapper I'm sorta approaching mapping for SS like making a doom map, (which entails less of a constant hordes of monster in realistic spaces thing and more of abstract architecture with mixes between focused fights and occasional hordes of monsters thing) and that somewhat affects my high opinions of the Khnum)

I think the Witch bride could have been better handled to be honest. Oh, and the Cave Demons are just, ugh!. I feel the cloned soldiers also nicely fill a niche that been unfilled for a wee bit too long, although I would have simply preferred that croteam simply had created beheaded shotgunner and beheaded assault riflers instead.

The Technopolip reminds of the first boss in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion which makes me wonder if Croteam is digging up old mid to late 90's fps and playing 'em.
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