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Default Re: "Portal to Beyond" Mapping Contest

Originally Posted by Devostator View Post
but it's mainly the sound and music files.
Sound files are a bitch to compress, I had this wave that was 12MB, but using Audacity I lowered the bit-rate and exported it as ogg; it's now 1.5MB. I stil lhave to see if SS3 will allow it.

Originally Posted by Devostator View Post
That's like, the smallest amount of MB I'd have ever seen for a campaign map if it comes out.
Well, I get tired of downloading stuff that's always 20MB or larger, what ever happened to the days when a full SS1 campaign was 8MB? (Anyone remember "Save the Nation", or maybe, PORTALS?)
I know that SS3 is a full HD title, so keeping file-sizes small won't to easy, but hell, it's an art if you can pull it off.

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