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Default Re: [PROJECT]Serious Sam HD: Extended - Open Beta Testing (Open Beta 2 is OUT!)

Read my previous 2 posts before you read this....

I have an idea for your levels in Serious Sam HD Extended. So far, only the first 2 episodes will be here. Episodes 3 - 6 will be soon (once you already start it).

1.) Hatshepsut
2.) Sand Canyon
3.) Tomb of Ramses III
4.) Valley of the Kings
5.) Moon Mountains (Secret Level)
6.) Oasis
7.) Dry Valley
8.) Dunes
9.) Memphis - Suburbs
10.) Memphis - Sewers
11.) City of Memphis - Metropolis
12.) Metropolis - Inside Temple of Ptah
13.) New Kingdom - Clerical Wards
14.) New Kingdom - The Grand Obelisk
15.) Alley of the Sphinxes - Approaching Thebes
16.) Thebes - Common's District
17.) Hatshepsut (Revisited)
18.) Underbelly
19.) Thebes - Karnak
20.) Thebes - Amon Complex
21.) Sacred Yards (Secret Level)
22.) Thebes - The Sacred Lake
23.) Thebes - Main Temple of Amon-Ra
24.) Thebes - Precinct of Mut
25.) ???????? (You are on your own about this unknown level between them)
26.) Thebes - Luxor
27.) Luxor Temple
28.) Along the Nile - Abydos
29.) Along the Nile - Lower Egypt
30.) The Great Pyramid

Are there levels here in the selection that needed to be removed, or are there any levels in between the levels I posted??? Feel free to remove the levels in this list... P.S: What's the best level for a level where the player leaves Karnak and enters Luxor?? The level must consist that alley from "The Dark Bride" from Serious Sam 3. It would be best to return the "City of Memphis" in Metropolis instead of Memphis only. Change Great to Grand in the level after Clerical Wards (the level name is already there). Also, why is the setting now is in 1100 B.C?? Back then it was 1378 B.C. In Serious Sam 3, Sam said he'll see Mental in 3000 B.C??? That's very weird...... Also, change Dayr el-Bahri to Deir el-Bahri to fit with the Serious Sam 3's spelling and real life spelling (I hope so).... Another one thing, why is the level Hatshepsut in the level stats uses the Welcome to NETRICSA as a background image instead of the Hatshepsut Temple in the background, and you can use the skybox in the Grand Obelisk Enhanced from your Grand Obelisk level?? One final thing, It would be best in Metropolis onwards, the New Kingdom levels should be very far away since they are in the other side of Memphis.... I think that's all for now....

Do you know (I just knew this) that Karnak is the most unique level in all of the Serious Sam games which takes place in Egypt......

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