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Default Re: [PROJECT]Serious Sam HD: Extended - Open Beta Testing (Open Beta 2 is OUT!)

Let's just say "No" to that entire post.

How the project goes, the levels, story whatnot have been decided for a long time now, and I won't change it to your likings.

There won't be a level between Karnak and Luxor, since it would be basically Common's District and Alley of the Sphinxes backwards. There won't be the alley from SS3 there between the two, because that's historically and geographically incorrect. SS3 is full of geographical problems, unlike SS1/HD, which at least TRIES to use specific geographical stuff; in the Egypt campaign, at least (like the shape of Karnak and its layout).

The 3000 BC thing in SS3 is used because A) it sounds better B) Sam doesn't actually know where he is going, but it sounds cool.
For SSHDX, I changed the setting to 1100 BC, since that's the closest date where all the locations Sam visits have been somewhat in existence. The original date for example was before the reign of Ramses III, so it would be strange to be in his tomb.
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