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Default Re: [PROJECT]Serious Sam HD: Extended - Open Beta Testing (Open Beta 2 is OUT!)

Originally Posted by Solais View Post
It's in a sun kill area, yes. Like in the original.

Those background buildings are part of Thebes, as the Alley of the Sphinxes IRL is actually in the middle of Thebes, not the road to the city. It's a road between the Karnak Temple Complex and Luxor Temple.

Won't ask help about the khnum.
Can you make that secret area just like in the default HD. I find it both in Classic and in HD that the area is just near the sun-kill area (In default, you can get there without being hurt). Well, that concludes the Khnum issue. I hope you can just fix their walk animations as well as Ugh-Zan. Also, I noticed that sometimes Khnums move in a straight direction when killed. Anyway, how much progress done? Do you want to bring back the classic sound of the Serious Speed powerup when Sam picks it up instead of it using the Serious Jump sound?
Those I've protect will NEVER change!!!!!!

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