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Default Re: [PROJECT]Serious Sam HD: Extended - Open Beta Testing (Open Beta 2 is OUT!)

Are you planning to change Karnak's background image in NETRICSA?

Using the Classic-like Background:

I made one in HD, but I can't remove the Cheat HUD:

instead of using that Ankh Pool background....

Taking a screenshot really annoys me sometimes because I noticed that Obelisks in Serious Sam HD are more taller than their Classic counterparts.. (It's quite unnoticeable)

Another "things" if it suites you:
- I may help you get cool background pictures if you and I want, but everything is in your hands.
- Add more buildings in the Karnak levels most likely the First Pylons just like in the XBox version in which there are more pylons, obelisks and buildings.
-BTW: What are your 5 levels planned before The First Pylons?? Also, make the Minigun and the Laser appear earlier (most likely in between those 5 levels before First Pylons) instead of the Minigun appearing in Amon Complex and the Laser in the Main Temple due to how long those 5 levels between the First Pylons have.. Put that "Night has caught us, but there is no time to sleep...bla...bla..bla" somewhere. I think in Alley of the Sphinxes (since the level is in night) or Common's District or just never put it there. Better change that First Pylons from Morning has caught us, but there is no time to sleep bla....bla...bla.... into Morning has caught us, with night over, bla....bla...bla.... I think?? Finally, are those buildings that are inaccessible will be accessible in the early levels before the First Pylons?? You can see those as well in the same level and most likely acting as decorations..

A tip:
Finish first all the Episode 2 levels first before polishing all the levels.. It will make your job a little bit easier.
Those I've protect will NEVER change!!!!!!

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