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Default Re: Sacred Yards undocumented secret

I think that video needs some clarification, though. I've tried it for myself and ran into some hurdles.

First off, you have to blow up the tree after activating the "silent walk pill", once you pick up the pill that it spawns, you have exactly 12 seconds to pick up the pill in the next corridor before the sequence deactivates and it reverts to spawning marsh hoppers.

The pill in the corridor after the first yard enables the bouncer sequence. When you get the pill in the Pinky secret after getting the previous pill, the bouncer will go up. It has to be in that order.

Once you go in the teleporter, you have 5 seconds to blow up the statue, after that it reverts to spawning marsh hoppers again.

The area left of the shiny sphinx has the rising platform with the sphinx key. Don't forget to pick up the health pill in the corner before entering the left yard, as that stops the kleers and arachnoids from spawning when you enter. Blow up the platform before it has completely risen, then you can get the immediately without fighting monsters.

Also, the Serious Pack? You need that. Once you open the door on the right of the shiny sphinx statue, you have exactly 6.5 seconds before the backpack reverts to activating the wall and pyramid sequence. If you get it before that, the enemies in the water area (and super health and armor) don't spawn. The best way to get it is to intercept it on the left, since it will be moved to the left of you once you get close.
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