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Default Re: Enemies Customization Talkover

Originally Posted by SLAwww View Post
It's a shame that you're doing the same exact thing that was done ages ago in XBOX mod, and as a matter of fact done better. I think you should've gone with creating one heavily customizable CCustomEnemy class instead of putting extra functionality into existent monster classes.
Well, new additions that work won't hurt anybody, that's for sure, some people actually use them. I'm a rather really basic coder, but if stuff works - why not use it, it's only optional.

About CustomEnemy class - there was some thinking about it actually, and might be looked into at in the near (more or less) future.

Originally Posted by ZynX View Post
What'd be a great idea is to apply elemental properties and custom model/textures for the projectiles
That's something I might look into, we shall see.

I also have some plans for the elemental properties itself, the base that is, but that's really tba.
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