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Default Re: My first making of a Map - General Problems

Originally Posted by Devostator View Post
Look up where it says "Selection, Selection fill", click on that and select "Selection ranges".
Now, select your probe light entity and now you should be able to see the area it covers, stretch it around by pressing and holding Ctrl+Shift, now click on one of those arrows and press and hold LMB (Left Mouse Button), now drag it into the direction the arrow is heading, now you are stretching the area of the probe light, that way you can adjust its size much easier.

Now for fixing that Shadow Error, select your probe light and then press Shift+B, now it bakes the probe light and it is done
It doesn't works... it's incredible... I don't understand...


UP: I have added my .wld project on the thread, so you could understand my problem better
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