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Originally Posted by Poorchop View Post
I never considered that Croteam would get involved with another developer's project, but I guess I don't know much about them. I love Croteam though so if they're sticking their name on this, then I have to check it out, even if it isn't really my style. Their repertoire is kind of small but still, everything they have created or touched has been gold in my experience.
This was already a starting trend back in 2003 when Croteam allowed Climax Software to use the Serious Sam license (and Serious Engine in Next Encounter's case) for Next Encounter and Advance. The next step was allowing a few developers to make Serious Sam games with different genres, like Double D and Random Encounter. Croteam has also been very active in building up the indie scene, at least in Croatia, by giving lectures at universities and such. From what I understand they also allow ex-employees to start their own companies and actively help them out with their endeavors. So the logical step would be to take on a mentor role for a small upstart like is happening now.

Anyway, even if you don't like Croteam's games you can't help but admire their vision and actions towards the industry.
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