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Default Regenerate Flask bug in DD

(Dunno if there's a forum section for reporting bugs for Indie games, so, posting it here.)

So, I was playing DD today, and launched the Chimputee challenge, and stood over at the regenerative flask, with 100 health. So, I got shot, and my health got regenerated, as I picked up the flask, but thing is...the flask was still there. I could pick it forever, on and on, forever . It wouldn't disappear unless I left its location and came back to pick it up with below 100 health.
I'm not sure dunno if this works armor items as well, and for campaign levels too, or other challenge levels, as in other challenges, most health items are floating in the air. Edit: Yeah, tried it, it works for other challenges too, and I suppose for campaign as well.

Oh, and in the Skyline Speedrun, normally I only see the Machine Pistol on the left of the screen, but when I die, I can see all the guns I have from campaign. Yeah, that's about it. Oh, P.S., anybody knows where the challenge below Gnaar Massacre and above Caterfighter Chaos is?

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