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Default Re: Serious Sam 4's screenwriters announced!

I hope it doent mess up the pacing of the game.
Like, the the 'story' will be an excuse for corridor shooting, smaller maps, and cut scenes (ss3 cutscenes just killed the pacing of the game, imo)(and, even if ct said the maps were bigger, they sure didnt feel like it, at all). I would rather have little story, more action, bigger real maps, less cut scenes, and WAY less 'pauses' in the action, or much less frequency of the pauses.
Like, ss3, you go in 1 room and kill the enemies, then no action until you get to the next room.
There needs to be less of these situations, and more situations were the action lasts 10 minutes or more, THEN give a little breakwith cut scenes and story stuff, while we tissue our eyes from the tears that have been flowing from not blinking for 7 minutes.
THAT to me is a SS games, not pauses every 45 seconds like a darn cover based shooter.

My opine.
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