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Default Re: Serious Sam 4's screenwriters announced!

SS is an interesting animal. The formula that originally worked is not the formula that has been used in any of the other games exactly, not even TSE. The problem is that what made TFE so great was its novelty, which no longer exists. So trying to replicate that first experience is probably impossible for anyone who played the original.

In general, what makes SS a good experience is that it gets the adrenaline going. How it does that is by presenting a literal wall of baddies flying at you and it kicks your fight or flight mechanism into overdrive. Unfortunately, there is a key balance point with that. You need enough baddies to get the effect, but not too many that the task is unbeatable for any but the most seasoned players. This makes the game impossible for first-timers and casual players who will give up if they can't overcome any challenge fairly easily (don't forget that the best part of the TFE experience was that it made you feel like a god).

With this in mind... making the maps larger doesn't actually help at all. It just adds more empty space that you shouldn't fill up for the above reasons. The other problem with deciding how large to make maps has to do with the co-op feature. Choosing a size that is equally as fun, engaging, and has the right amount of things to shoot at, for one person or for 16, is difficult to say the least. Granted you can code the engine to throw more things into the mix per extra player in the game, but Croteam didn't actually do that in any of the games (they did add options to make them harder to kill based on player count, though).

So now comes the big question: where does the story fit in? I think one major problem they will have to overcome with the story is how to make it work in co-op. I'm almost of the opinion that they shouldn't even try and that the story should be reserved for the SP campaign (it has never really worked well in any of the previous games in co-op). However, I would be very pleasantly surprised if they found a way to make it work. I also think that as an SP experience there could be a very meaningful story woven into the action that would bring much more life to the franchise and make the lone-wolf experience more satisfying.

But all of this is the fun of being a developer. Figuring out the challenges and finding solutions to them. Good luck guys!
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