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Default Re: The Great Pyramid vs The Grand Cathedral vs Mental Institution

Ok another statement: I don't think that Mental Institution is so original.


The level itself is huge, but the architecture is just boring and repetitive. I mean, you only have:

- Weird statues
- Boring walls over and over and over and over and over....
- Occassionally some trees which don't really fit in there
- One building (at the beginning of the level)
- Grass! Only Grass!!! No dust, no gravel, no stones, only plain grass!
- The huge pyramid-thingy is nice, but it seems like it was done under pressure on one day

The level definately looks like it was done under pressure, I mean look at all the repetitive things listed above.

The Great Pyramid was great, The Grand Cathedreal was great, but Mental Insitution is only great on the first time. After playing the level, I don't want to play it again, sorry (no offense!).

And as you've said that Croteam has added the "boss"-fight only for the PC version (the xbox doesn't have it as you said), I rather wanted that CT has left it out of the PC version, too because the fight itself is boring, there is only a building driving onwards and chasing you, plus it spits out some fighters which are just plain annoying .

No offense guys, but I hope that Croteam adds a better ending level/boss level to SS3
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