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Unhappy I need help with texture size ( Serious Sam fusion )

Hello guys, I got a problem. I want to make a new ammo type in Fusion Editor, but i don't know how to make a 64x64 texture size.

Here you can see 64x64 size from the original jpg image ( it doesn't really matter I think. I even tried to make 512x512 size in the gimp program, but still no effects.

After I click " Create " I get texture, that is small size: 16x16. You can see it on the screenshot :

Of course I can edit it's size in the left panel to 64x64, but after that i have to save it. When I close the editor, and open it again, the texture is missing, so I can't just edit its size. It has to be created as a 64x64 texture, so I won't have to save it ( saving texture always causes an error ) .

As you can see here, the texture 16x16 of the ammo is too small. It has to be 64x64 :/

Any help would be appreciated
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