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Well, 2017 has come and gone, meaning that 2018 is almost around the corner. It was a relatively good year for Serious Sam, and I think that now that Croteam finished the VR installments, the primary team is working hard on Sam 4 as we speak.

I presume that in 2018, the long awaited Serious Sam 4 may or may not be announced. Can I just say, by the way, that the weapons are one of my most anticipated factors of this game? I think it will be kinda like BFE's arsenal, with a few alterations and brand new additions as well (Chainsaw, Grenade Launcher, and Flamer, anyone?).

All that aside, I think 2018 was, again, relatively good. I did get accepted to the Southern Methodist University in Dallas as a Music Composition major in my hard work as a musician. Unfortunately, I ran out of things to say, so see you all next year.
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