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Default Re: Random game talk thread

Originally Posted by Brute View Post
The Phantom Menace was better than Return of the Jedi.

Besides, I'm sick of people claiming that EA will ruin Bioware. Yeah, okay, the DRM/Origin and DLC/exclusive offers are really lame and inconvenient, but Mass Effect 2 which was made largely in the EA era of Bioware's timeline I still hail as the greatest game of all time. Bioware has remained an excellent developer even after EA's takeover. Claims that EA will destroy their games have no credibility at all.
The Phanton Menace had over-choreographed lightsaber battles, retarded political bullshit, and Jar Jar Binks, your argument is invalid.

We'll have to wait and see on ME3, my money is on EA ruining it.
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