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Default Re: Random game talk thread

Episode I had horrible editing and much of the dialogue was remedial. However, the visual designers did an excellent job at created very separate, distinct, and impressive styles (their work with Coruscant and Naboo is amazing). It also sported the single greatest musical score in a film I have seen to this day (Duel of the Fates, much?). Also, hell yeah Liam Neeson! And say "over-choreographed" if you like, but the fight with Darth Maul is the single-greatest lightsaber battle ever and beats the shit out of the crap seen in Episode 4 any day. Ray Park is a brilliant stuntsman. Your argument is misplaced and invalid.

As far as your anticipation of ME3, see my earlier comment. There's no justification or past evidence for such a ridiculous claim. You just want something to cry/bitch about because you don't like EA. I understand that, as I don't either. But it's clear that they have not been "ruining" Bioware's games.

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