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Originally Posted by Valerie Valens View Post
You have to notice that most of the fights that happen in the original trilogy involve futuristic firearms and very rarely does the lightsaber come into play. You know why? Because charging into an all-out firefight, or a warzone with your melee weapon out is ****ing stupid, superpowers or not. One would also think that wielding a lightsaber would draw attention to them as a priority target. You know what would have conveyed the same plot point of Darth Maul challenging the people around in a few seconds? Shooting his lightsaber handle, and blowing him up to kingdom come.
You're really comparing the realism and practicality of fights between Star Wars movies? Where Stormtroopers are blind and cannot shoot anything, wear full body armor that doesn't protect them at all, and charge head-first into a fight firing very slowly from the hip? This ignores the fact that Boba was defeated accidentally by yet another blind guy with a pole.
Jedi have force powers and intuition that allow their skills with a lightsaber to be exceptional. It's fantasy. Get over it.
It's like saying Serious Sam's run-and-gun style is "****ing stupid." Yeah, in real life it is. Camping and cover would be safer and wiser. But it's stylized fantasy. That's the point. I can't believe I actually have to explain a concept so simple...

Originally Posted by Valerie Valens View Post
Moreover, these kinds of overchoreographed lightsaber battles would have been cool in a video game, but when you're telling a story, it becomes little more than eye-candy. You are missing the point of the lightsaber in the Star Wars film. It is supposed to be symbolic at most and anything more is just plain cheap and gratuitous. If I wanted to see proper fight choreography, I would watch a Jackie Chan, Sonny Chiba or an old Bruce Lee film. At least those fights have more weight to them.
The jedi before the purge practiced their entire lives to be detached from emotion and desire, because they are limiting (like Buddhists, obvious inspiration). The sith fuel their emotions into their fighting, and are thus more ravenous. When Qui-Gon dies, Obi-Wan struggles between fighting aggressively like a sith or passively like a jedi. Everything was done intentionally. Yes, it's more flashy, but there's nothing wrong with that if it also accomplishes its point.
If you missed all this that's your own problem. Don't blame the film for your shortcomings and lack of comprehension.

Originally Posted by Valerie Valens View Post
As for EA/Bioware, I could repeat what I have learned that had went on behind the scenes of the production of TOR, or the working conditions EA workers suffered through but it would be wasted on a BioDrone like you.
I'm a "BioDrone" just because I appreciate Mass Effect 2 for the masterpiece it is, you think I'm somehow a slave to the company? Well, I hate Dragon Age, and think Dragon Age II is nothing special. More than likely, you're misplaced and fallacious reasoning for failing to provide any logical explanation for prejudice stems from a lack of a legitimate point.

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