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Default Re: Random game talk thread

You summoned me? Alright, my two or five cents:

Space Marine's multiplayer is much more casual than in other pro-MP games, especially since it's geared more towards the singleplayer and co op side (with the recent DLC), thus I don't think those weapons are a big deal. They aren't even automatic upgrades, every weapon in the game is a sidegrade one way or another.

Also the only "split" they've done is released the Chaos Unleashed DLC, which is a new map + race set. Which doesn't split players either and those who don't have it can still play the classic rotation with the players who have it (And this is a co-op DLC so it doesn't limit anyone from playing to their best or anything).

Don't like it, don't buy it. There's no need to. And I think the Chaos maps were worth the money for just 2,37 €, wouldn't have bought them for full price though.

Won't comment on EA and Mass Effect as that's what your original discussion was about wasn't it?...don't know anything about that, I've only played ME1. And not even to completion.

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