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Default Re: What are you playing?

Turns out I lost my Witcher 1 saves... I think I'm gonna replay that before starting the Witcher 2.

Oh yea, also finished Prey today. What can I say, it's a pretty great game. Looks nice (idTech4 is great!), the portals, the gravity puzzles, the spirit phase-shift thing and the weird weapons make it stand out from your run of the mil FPS, but the death system does take some of the challenge out (although I guess you're free to play through the game focusing on not dying at all). Oh yea, and the intro is fantastic; first of all, it has Judas Priest on a jukebox! Then there's all that environment intractability in the bar! I just love interacting with random objects like toilets and slot machines and... uhm.. I mean in-game; dunno why but stuff like that in an FPS game always cheers me up.

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