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Default Re: [OFFICIAL RFC] What to fix in the next patch?

For Versus :

Actually, I think that FOV should be changeable for both 1st and 3rd person mode. It would make no sense to enable FOV changing for 1st person, but not 3rd person.

Sniper damage should be 60/180, like it was on the classics in Hard mode. Not 80/160.

Grenade damage should be kept at 150-175 damage. (50-75 impact, 100 radius) while rocket damage should be kept at 150 (100 impact, 50 radius)

Shotguns damage and spread should be less quantized. I'd say that they both should fire in a cone with a random pattern instead of a set pattern. 21 pellets x 5 damage for single and 42 pellets x 5 damage for double.

Minigun should fire at exactly twice the rate of Tommyguns, dealing slightly more damage per bullet and with a 4x spread cone compared to the tommygun. (Tommygun, 15 per bullet. Minigun, 16 per bullet.)

Laser should do 30 damage per bolt.

Cannons should do 500-750 damage. (250-500 Impact, 250 Radius)

Serious Bomb should be added in, but as a suicide weapon, dealing 600 radius damage and ignoring invulnerability of both the user and victim. Can explode even after user has died.

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