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Default Re: [OFFICIAL RFC] What to fix in the next patch?

Obviously, i was talking about 16/16 servers. (But also 11 and so.)
It's such an easy thing to avoid a single knife spammer, maybe two.
It sure isn't fun to spawn in the middle of a knife fight, you can be pro how much you like, but you can't avoid like 5 people trying to knife you at the same time.Add that to the grenade spam and we're done.
Sam HD is not a redux of sam classic, it should be a remake, the mechanics of the games should be the same (or atleast similiar.)
The double barrel shotgun has always been slower than the normal shotgun in any other fps arena, but not that slow.
I'm not asking to turn it into a machine gun, i'm just asking to buff it a bit.

Being pro doesn't mean your opinion is better than the others.
Think of it like this:
A fan of Soccer/ football /basket or whatever,that doesn't play can know more of his favourite sport than a real athlete.

Your opinion is not any different than the others', because pro doesn't mean you can call the other's comments bullshit,neither having this attitude "I'm pro, you are noob and don't know how is the game like" towards the other people, who are just trying to help.
It's not your game, and as i said before, it's croteam choice on what to do, they have to judge if a suggestion is good or not, not you.
I'm fine with everying, i want the best for this game like you want.
i'll be happy if they accept your advices, i'll be happy if they'll accept mine, or every other member out there, even if he has only played sam for an hour.
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