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Default Fusion Multiplayer Options Menu Music Appreciation

You start up Fusion and hear the familiar crackle of the Croteam logo. You are immediately taken to the main menu but unlike the other games that comprise Fusion, the menu appears to be devoid of music. You proceed to the multiplayer options in order to change your character model to Ugh-Zan III only to notice that the multiplayer options menu does in fact have music. Not only does it have music, but it's perhaps the greatest music in all of the series. Because it is tucked away in such a clandestine fashion, one has to wonder who was behind this but the aura of mystery only adds to the greatness of the heavenly symphony.

This thread is to appreciate the greatest piece of music in Serious Sam history and to spend awareness about this hidden piece so that cultured folk can experience this aural orgasm assault for themselves.
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