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Default Re: Serious Sam Origins

Originally Posted by Ziemniak View Post
It's a shame if that's the case. I want to know how Mental originally looked like in the alpha.
Ah, well, at least we got some levels from Zdzichu.
We kind of already do, since mental.mdl was originally Mental's model before given to the Croteam Bigheads.

Also, Solais told me that Mental and some key levels (Space Station 02, Sky City, Mental's Tomb) are not included in the alpha (I suspect Croteam removed all references to Mental there, but it could simply be that they aren't made yet).

SLAwww is too busy at Croteam from working on SS4, so development's slowed down. I wish Croteam could have given him more time to work on SSO. Programmer-Mapper is a hard combo to come by and currently he understands SE1 more than anyone else in the world (except the original programmers).
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